About Us

Why Choose Us ?

Absolute General Contracting enlists itself in many product seminars available from industry leaders. The desire to be aware of new products, trends and installation methods gives us greater knowledge in servicing our client base.
To help address a shortage of qualified floors covering mechanics, Absolute General Contracting conducts training clinics and offers introductory courses. Our goal is to seek and retain qualified installers. It also provides a platform for young people to discover the advantages of being a floor covering mechanic. Please email any requests for future trading and course offerings.


    Absolute General Contracting is proud to offer the following:

10 Million Contractors Insurance.

Security Clearance Upon Request.

WSIB Clearance Certificate.


Absolute General Contracting ensures all projects are completed in a safe and organized environment. Being responsible for workers, other trades, and building property through proper insurances and certifications create comfortable and secured business relationships.